Robby Ravenwood & The Funhouse Porcupines


Robby was born into a show business family. His dad ran an army officer's club – including the entertainment - in Germany. His mom performed as a professional ballerina. Like a moth to a flame, Robby was headed for the limelight.

Eleven-year-old Robby took up the piano, then guitar and in a mid-life brainstorm he added standup comedy to the mix. Early on, he opened for well-known comedians or musicians, including the wonderful Lily Tomlin, and Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys. 

One night, after eating a large plate of pasta with a sizable portion of mushrooms, Robby fell into a dream. He found himself in a hall of mirrors at a carnival funhouse. He chanced upon a very mysterious talking porcupine figure who opined: "Good enough is your solo act - but a band you need!" Thus, it spawned The Funhouse Porcupines!

Robby has emceed and performed at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Ice House, Sony Pictures Studios, and the Los Angeles Arboretum among other venues.


Remy adds an unusual - yet familiar - Big Band/Jazz beat to this already talented group.

A colorful background includes him playing musician roles on television and in movies, with the likes of Michael Keaton, Gary Sinise, and Jack Nicolson. He's also played live on stage at Gazzari's, The Roxy, and The Lighthouse.

Extras: He once flew a vintage B17 WWII bomber and has taken a rubber raft to - and from - Catalina Island (at night)! Yet, everyone's favorite stories come from Remy's recently retired from job as a steam locomotive engineer on the Disneyland Railroad.

Remy collects vintage musical instruments and loves playing drums, blues harmonica, and washboard for TFP. Oh, he also thinks he can sing too!


Simon was born on the planet Kashyyyk. During the Clone Wars, Simon was captured and hunted for sport but escaped with his fellow captive, Remy. During one of the final battles of the Wars, he fought alongside Republic forces against Separatist droids. 

After the Wars, he was separated from his family and tribe to become a fugitive. Betrayed by a bounty hunter, Simon was imprisoned by the Empire. He escaped with a young Imperial deserter named Robby Ravenwood, an encounter that marked the beginning of a long friendship. After a series of perilous adventures, the two embarked on a career in the smuggling trade aboard Robby's ship, the Funhouse Porcupine.

When not traveling the Galaxy, Simon played upright bass live at House of Blues (LV, LA, Anaheim), The Observatory, The World Famous Doll Hut, OC Fair, and many private parties across the southland.


Miles is a noted performer in both the Jazz Manouche (“Gypsy” Jazz) and Hawaiian music worlds. Inspired by the iconic "Django" Reinhardt; yet Miles has skillfully developed his own fan-favorite style. As guitarist/steel guitarist/ukulelist, he has played all over the western hemisphere, as well as some surreal places. California U.S.A. venues have included: the Aloha Beach Festival, Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, Secret Island, and Aloha Oa (Oceanic Arts event). In addition, for several years he has been the musical director for Jill Martini and The Shrunken Heads. 

His tiki drink of choice is a Dark & Stormy, which also may reflect his love for minor key music.