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Fun House Porcupines go to the dogs!


"Like many comedians, his humor is rooted in negativity, such as someone’s misfortune — someone slips on a banana peel and we laugh — but he tempers it with balance in his performance."

Michelle Mills, Long Beach Press-Telegram


"Robby Ravenwood puts on a helluva good show . . . this colorful entertainer could star in Las Vegas in a heart beat!"

Aunt Gertie, Sun Newspapers
Robby Ravenwood talks Long Beach's best restaurants (and ukulele hot spots) with Peter Dills and Mike Bingley on Straight Off the Menu (Interview starts at 13:33).

​Interview for Pyschedelicatessen Radio

Robby Ravenwood and fellow comedian Tommy Natoli talk with Chris and Bobbie Oliver. It's the Prairie Homo Companion!

Interview with Robby Ravenwood and Robby Delosier for The Ark Project with Noah Grove.
Live-chat interview with Michelle Mills of Pasadena Star News

Robby Ravenwood explains the intricacies of joke structure, the stand-up scene, and other sundry issues. 

George Knack of the Austin band "the Roadhouse Rockers" (left) and musical satirist Robby Ravenwood of Los Angeles share a wild boogie woogie jam while playing street pianos in the city of Austin on News Channel YNN Austin Texas.

"At 9 AM, the Friday Free for All hit the road, on bicycle, to check out Art Alliance Austin's new public art project, "Play Me, I'm Yours," which invites everyone to sit down and jam on more than a dozen upright pianos located around the parks and downtown areas. We'll talk with the project curator, Johnny Walker, as well as some crazy ivory ticklers who just happened by some of the sites we visited."