from fans

“Hearing music like yours–ALL of it!–makes me feel very privileged! It is superior to 99.9% percent of what passes for popular music.”

Paul Oliverio
AKA “The God Father of Math”
Long Island, New York



“Delightfully silly music you play- your pony I would ride- if I was a dude that was gay. You make me laugh -you make think - you make want to have a drink!”

Annie Parkhurst
Long Beach, Calif.



“Happy New Year, Robby! Keep slaying them with a smile from that rapier wit of yours!”

Mark Cote
Los Angeles, Calif.



“Just listened to your tunes; good stuff bro! Nice mellow sound!”

Edward Lawrence Booze II
Long Beach, Calif.



“You’re hilarious Robby- but I’m not giving you my home address!”

Juan Rabanales
Wilmington, Calif.



“Un tipo ganzo!”

Simone Bortocani
Trieste Italy.



“Robby Ravenwood - Has the funniest song about therapy I've ever heard”.

Shayne Michael
Long Beach, Calif.




Joni Llamendo
Honolulu, Hawaii



“Robby - your talents would be more than welcome in Eurotopia. I see you in a nice cliff-top villa on the French or Italian coast, or maybe one of the Greek islands (you'll probably be able to afford to buy one for yourself pretty soon!), writing your songs, refining your comedy, eating glorious Mediterranean food and entertaining your friends (especially ones from colder Atlantic climes)”

Paul Adam Kemp ‎
Birmingham, England



“Hey Robby..."What are you, some kind of comedian?"...well...as a matter of fact...I LMAO @ your comments! LOL”

Jerry Ciaramello
Mar Vista, Calif.



“Robby, Robby, Robby. When are you performing again? I have to see you!”

Andrea – Ross Greene
West Los Angeles, Calif.



“Robby, You’re a good soul, a kind heart, and a man with brass balls to do the shit you do! The rest of em just dream of having the courage to do what you do. After all what revolution has ever been abided by being appropriate and not offensive? NONE! Because revolutions don’t occur without pushing the envelope. Saying what may be uncomfortable to hear, but true nonetheless. May god bless the cowards who throw fire retardant over your flame! They just wish they had the guts to say the truth. Cheers double R…

Pete Marchica
Long Beach, Calif.



“I feel your pain!”

Travis Malsra
Long Beach, Calif.



“Awesome jokes really fun!”

Thomas Murdock
Los Angeles, Calif.



“You were so funny at the 212 Bistro last night! So nice to have met you!”

Jillian Clemmons
Long Beach, Calif.



“Very nice Guy!”

Giuseppe Lopizzo
Rome, Italy



“Great Entertainment!”

Pablo Garcia
Long Beach, Calif.



“Loved your songs!”

Ronny Pollock
Hesperia, Calif.



“You’re great Robby!”

Long Beach, Calif.



“Good entertainment!”

Melisa Garcia
Long Beach, Calif.




from clubs/venues

“Hey Robby, I'm so thankful for having you host our Open Mic. You've really grown your nights to a solid show! Thanks man!”

Wilfred Diaz
Owner of “It’s A Grind!” Coffee House
Long Beach, Calif.



“Robby Ravenwood, Thanks for your amazingly hilarious songs last night!!! You were such a hit! ♥”

Amp Lgbtqia
@ Di Piazza’s
Long Beach, Calif.



“You were awesome, Robby! We're so glad you were here - those ivories were long overdue for a good ticklin'!”

Debbie Montgomery-Rivas
(Private House Concert)
Long Beach Calif.



“Robby, I've seen you at Sipology. You have an amazing blend of music and comedy. I'm trying to pre-book a headlining comic, feature and a musical guest. I'd be honored to have you at any Friday show as the musical guest; though I'd be very grateful to get you at the first show. Truth is good performers bring audience members back, so I'd love to have you there any Friday.”
“Thanks to everyone who participated tonight; special thanks to musical guest Robby Ravenwood, featured comic Teddy Ray, headliner Tracie Walker and our special guest Earl Skakel.”
“Robby, it was great to find someone who mixes music and comedy so well. It made a great intro to the featured part of the show. “

Shayne Michael
Long Beach Calif.




"Robby Ravenwood Presents"
(quotes from the show)




“What a great night in Long Beach! Robby Ravenwood runs a great open mic and it was an honor to be the featured artist there! Thank you!! “

Bobbo Byrnes
(The Fallen Stars)
Westminster, Calif.



“Maybe I should leave here and see if I can get back in time to catch Robby Ravenwood's show ...”

Alonzo Ponce
Long Beach, Calif.



“Comedians and Musicians - head over to It's A Grind in Long Beach tonight for open mic. Hosted by the incorrigible Robby Ravenwood. Good times will be had!”

Evan Robert Cassidy
Fountain Valley, Calif.



“Thanks for hosting, a great host always moves the energy up a notch and benefits all the performers on the list.”

Shayne Michaels
Long Beach, Calif.



“Thanks a lot for the open Mic. You were a fantastic host. I felt welcomed. See you again.”

Carlos James
Seal Beach, Calif.